Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime

By Mia Wenjen
Illustrated by Kai Gietzen

Mom is counting on Dad to get Boxer Baby down for her nap, but Boxer Baby is the G.O.A.T. of sleep avoidance. This hilarious face-off mimics a three-round boxing match, as Boxer Baby is no lightweight when it comes to staying awake.

Dad has a few tricks up his sleeve, but will it be enough in this epic battle against nap time?

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What people are saying:
@cindygreene314 @pragmaticmom does it again! Check out her very clever and hilarious Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime! Dad struggles to get his child to take a nap, told in a 3-round boxing match. Lots of laughs + I never realized how many boxing terms were idioms!
Delightful picture book details the struggles between a child and her dad, as nap time approaches and the age old question surfaces: will this child take a nap? The soft colored illustrations fully capture the exhaustion of the dad and the persistence of the baby. Most brilliant of all, this familiar to-parents-of-young-ones-everywhere tale couches the struggle as a boxing match, incorporating boxing idioms and providing an entertaining and innovative framework. A super fun and relatable read for all ages. An extra joy: the pictures portray an Asian family, with the mom going to work and the dad staying home. Includes a boxing terms glossary in the end. Mia Wenjen is a third generation Japanese American who blogs about diverse children’s literature at @pragmaticmom. Emily

Kai Gietzen - Milwaukee, Wisconsin ︎